Pavements Team

About the team:

The Pavements Team conducts and implements research on innovative materials and methods that promote safe, healthy, affordable, and renewable pavement systems.  VTRC researchers explore better methods for understanding both basic material and system behavior and apply this understanding in pursuit of more sustainable performance.  Environmental impacts associated with construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and preservation of pavements are a growing priority for the program. Researchers are also working with safety engineers and economists to relate constructed properties with other societal costs associated with crashes and fuel consumption.

Focus areas include:

  • Material and pavement system designs
  • Recycling and reclaiming
  • Construction quality assurance, acceptance, and payment 
  • Structural and functional evaluation
  • Maintenance, preservation, and management  

This team is supported by the Pavement Research Advisory Committee (PaveRAC), which is served by four subcommittees that provide programmatic advice in the following technical areas:

  1. Pavement Preservation and Management
  2. Asphalt Plant Mix Performance and Construction
  3. Pavement Foundations, Rigid Components, and Recycling
  4. Pavement Design, Analysis, and Accelerated Testing

Current Pavements Projects

Last updated: June 11, 2024

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