Resilience Approaches for Pavements and Geotechnical Assets

Project No: 124157

Target Completion Date: November 30, 2030 Pavements

About the project:

Frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as increased precipitation, increased temperatures, and sea level rise are threatening the survival of the transportation infrastructure. Agencies across the country, have been concerned about the impact of climate change and how to make the structures withstand the effect and make them resilient. FHWA is providing guidance to establish policies and approach to addressing these risks. In addition, many states have a few legislative initiatives directing various agencies to ensure that resiliency is incorporated into their business practice. Although there are a lot of work/studies/research going on by various entities, there is not much guidance available for the state transportation agencies to address the issue in a consistent manner.  In absence of that guidance, agencies struggle to plan and implement effective measures.  This may also lead the agencies to duplicate the efforts resulting in unnecessary wastage of resource and time.  This pooled funded project will provide a platform for agencies to share common issues, exchange agency plans with each other and eventually help agencies develop their resilience plan with minimum effort by avoiding redundancies.   The areas considered in this pooled fund study are design, construction, and maintenance aspects involving only pavement and geotechnical assets (such as embankments, slope, etc.).  This study will facilitate the exchange of ideas related to incorporation of resilience in business practice within the realm of design, maintenance, rehabilitation, and preservation of pavement and geotechnical assets. It will include but not limited to literature review, peer exchange meetings, development of best practices and identify research needs. 

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Last updated: November 9, 2023

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