Environment, Planning, and Economics Team

About the team:

The Environment, Planning, and Economics Team focuses on ways to protect the environment, preserve cultural resources, support Virginia’s multimodal transportation system, and maximize the benefits of Virginia’s transportation investments. 

Environmental and history research encompasses stormwater best management practices; ecology, including mitigation of animal-vehicle collisions; endangered species; waste management in VDOT maintenance operations; and the identification and management of historic and cultural resources in VDOT right of way, especially structures.

Planning research encompasses transportation planning at the state, regional, and local levels; socio-economic forecasting; access management; trip generation; transit research; bicycle and pedestrian studies; performance measures, and innovative planning practices.

This team is supported by two Research Advisory Committees (RACs).  Members of both committees regularly provide guidance to VTRC and contract researchers during the course of studies, review study findings and recommendations, and participate in the development of implementation plans for study recommendations.   

The Environmental Research Advisory Committee (ERAC) minimizes transportation impacts on the environment through development and prioritization of research topics related to VDOT’s construction, maintenance, and operations activities.  Key research areas include:

  • Management of historic and cultural resources
  • Stormwater best management practices
  • Mitigation of animal-vehicle collisions
  • Identification of microplastics in stormwater runoff
  • Influence of erosion control products on vegetation
  • Determination of historic road orders
  • Socioeconomic impacts of EV charging stations

The Transportation Planning Research Advisory Committee (TPRAC) supports Virginia's multimodal transportation system and seeks to maximize the benefits of Virginia's transportation investments through development and prioritization of research topics related to regional and statewide planning and economics.  Examples of research topics include:

  • Access management impacts on safety and local businesses
  • Pedestrian and trails studies
  • Project prioritization processes for transit investments
  • Long range socio-economic trends
  • Impact of sight distance requirements in urban areas
  • Application of performance measures
  • Innovative regional freight planning practices

Current Environment, Planning, and Economics Projects

Last updated: May 7, 2024

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