Electric Vehicles and Socioeconomic Inequality in Charging Stations on Virginia Roads

Project No: 123127

Target Completion Date: March 31, 2025 Environment, Planning, and Economics

About the project:

To establish a successful electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, it is crucial to ensure a sufficient distribution of EV charging stations. Despite the continuous growth in the number of EV charging stations, their availability is still limited. Additionally, there exists a disparity in the placement of EV charging infrastructure between advantaged and disadvantaged areas. This lack of access to charging stations not only hinders the development of the EV ecosystem but also restricts the participation of disadvantaged areas in this transportation innovation and the future of mobility. To address the challenge of EV charging locations, this project seeks to optimize EV charging stations based on various factors, such as density (e.g., population density, housing unit density, and apartment density), income, race, the number of EVs, rural areas, and charging locations both between and within census tracts. This project will construct panel or cross sectional data for statistical modeling, big data analytics such as machine learning and geographical information systems, and longitudinal data analysis. The outcomes of this project will provide valuable insights into the optimization of EV charging locations, thereby advancing the EV ecosystem and promoting mobility justice on Virginia roads.  

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  • Dong K. Yoo

Last updated: October 28, 2023

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