Structures Team

About the team:

The Structures Team focuses on how to support and improve the VDOT's transportation structures, which primarily includes bridges, tunnels, culverts and ancillaries. The scope of the program broadly includes research on innovative structural materials, design, inspection, maintenance, preservation and management strategies for bridges and other structures. The team's research emphasizes reliability, durability, inspectability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness for structures in any point in their life cycle to improve the overall transportation infrastructure in Virginia.

Focus areas include:

  • Development, evaluation and implementation of innovative materials (concretes, composites, metals, etc.) for the construction and preservation of structures 

  • Development, evaluation and implementation of equipment and techniques for the evaluation of bridge elements and structures
  • Refinement of design and performance characteristics for bridges and structures

  • Refinement of geotechnical issues as applied to the construction and preservation of bridges.   

This team is supported by two Research Advisory Committees (RACs):

  • The Bridge Research Advisory Committee (BRAC) is concerned with highway structures within the Commonwealth, including bridges and culverts, making sure design and construction efforts meet expectations of safety and efficiency. 

  • The Concrete Research Advisory Committee (CRAC) examines construction practices, specifications, and testing of materials to establish an agile program of research that will develop and supply tools, technology, and expertise necessary to construct and to maintain long-life concrete structures on any transportation facility.

Current Structures Projects

Last updated: July 16, 2024

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