Evaluation of Commercially Available Corrosion Resistant Metal Reinforcement

Project No: 126025

Target Completion Date: December 31, 2027 Structures

About the project:

More than a decade ago, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) transitioned from the use of epoxy-coated reinforcing bars (ECR) in bridge-deck construction to corrosion resistant reinforcement steels (CRR).  Recently, the steel producer for one of the CRR Class I bars notified VDOT that it was making changes to the steel chemistry of that bar.  Since altering the steel chemistry could change the corrosion resistance or mechanical behavior of the bar, it was decided that the modified bars should be evaluated.  Moreover, since the cost to evaluate bars is inexpensive but the time required to evaluate corrosion of steel in concrete can take years, it was also decided that newer CRR options should also be included in this study.  Therefore, this study will evaluate the mechanical behavior and corrosion resistance of four different types of CRR bars, (1) galvanized rebar, continuously or hot dipped, (2) modified ASTM A1035CS rebar, (3) lower chromium ASTM A1035CM rebar, and (4) Stainless steel-clad rebar.  Upon completing this evaluation, the results will provide VDOT Structure and Bridge with information needed to determine if any of these bars might benefit VDOT by extending the service life of concrete repairs.

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