Field Evaluation of Lightweight Soundwall Panel Systems

Project No: 124696

Target Completion Date: March 31, 2026 Structures

About the project:

This study will focus on the lightweight soundwall panels, and the structural components associated with them that are often mounted on bridges but can also be found adjacent to a roadway.  While it is common for these panels to be metallic, other materials have also been used by VDOT.  Therefore, it is expected that some of the lightweight soundwall panels may be more durable than others.  

Since VDOT is the owner of these soundwall panels,    VDOT must also maintain them when they degrade and need to be repaired.  Therefore, the relative durability of the different soundwall panels is important to VDOT because more durable soundwall panels will decrease maintenance costs for the Department.  To better understand the relative durability of lightweight soundwalls in Virginia, a research effort to study this question was proposed.    

The research study discussed herein proposes to perform field evaluations to assess the general condition of lightweight soundwall panel systems.  This study will capture condition data for various types of soundwall systems located throughout Virginia to determine if there are any features that contribute to greater durability.  Data  will be gathered on the materials used, the condition of the soundwall panels, and any visual damage to the structural components.  This information will be shared, and recommendation will be made in the VTRC final report.    

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