Implementation Team

About the team:

The Implementation Team identifies “early adopter” advocates for the implementation of research recommendations to improve VDOT operations and efficiency.

The principal services provided by this team are:

  • Participate with each of the Research Advisory Committees to consider the implementation potential of all prospective research and technical assistance projects
  • Coordinate with VTRC research scientists, Associate Directors, and project champions to: 
    • Develop implementation projects
    • Identify “early adopters”
    • Provide support and assistance to early adopters as they resolve operational issues and prove the concept of new technology
    • Transfer research-developed technology to agency practice
  • Identify opportunities to implement technology or business practices that improve VDOT operations 
  • Manage the Implementation budget
  • Coordinate with research professionals to tell the story of implementation
  • Maintain relationships with VDOT practitioners in order to anticipate operational issues

Current Implementation Projects

Team Leader

Kevin B. Wright

Research Implementation Coordinator

(434) 293-1915

Team Members

Last updated: March 22, 2024

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