Evaluation of the Installation, Initial Condition and Performance of Rosphalt Overlay on a Bridge Deck on I-85

Project No: 93240

Target Completion Date: June 30, 2013 Structures

About the project:

This project will evaluate the construction, initial condition and performance of a Rosphalt overlay on the northbound Interstate 85 bridge over Route 629. Rosphalt is a polymer-modified asphalt reported to be suitable for protecting bridge decks without a waterproof membrane between the overlay and the concrete deck. The team will compare the Rosphalt to the conventional asphalt overlay and membrane on the southbound bridge. The researchers will evaluate the two wearing and protection systems with regard to speed and construction ease (including lane closures), initial condition and performance as indicated by protection, skid resistance and ride quality, and cost. The final report will compare the cost, installation time and physical properties of the Rosphalt overlay to other protection systems, such as asphalt overlay and membrane, hydraulic cement concrete overlays of LMC-VE,  LMC, silica fume and combinations of silica fume and slag or fly ash, and epoxy overlays.

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