Evaluation of a Modified Asphalt: Novophalt

Report No: 94-R9

Published in 1993

About the report:

Because of increased traffic loads and truck tire pressures over the last few years, the rutting of asphalt pavements has worsened. Additives such as polymers are being used in an attempt to improve the performance of these pavements. One such product is Novophalt, which is the registered trademark of an asphalt modified with 4 to 6 percent of a polyolefin polymer, primarily polyethylene. A Novophalt surface mixture was used near an intersection on a new construction project to guard against rutting caused by heavy trucks. This study evaluated the construction and performance of sections of pavement with control and Novophalt mixtures at this location. The polymer-modified mixture was manufactured, placed, and compacted with no difficulty. Severe ruts developed in both the control and Novophalt sections under stopped traffic near the traffic light. The rutting was found to be caused by a weak base mixture under the Novophalt surface; the rutting under the control mixture was probably also related to the base mixture. No significant rutting occurred in the control and Novophalt sections in the areas not subjected to severe traffic loads. Although the comparison between the control and Novophalt mixtures was vitiated by the performance of the underlying base mixture, the project demonstrated that construction with the Novophalt mixture could be accomplished satisfactorily.

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G. W. Maupin, Jr., P.E.

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