Evaluation of a K.J. Law Model 8300 Ultrasonic Roughness Testing Device

Report No: 93-R3

Published in 1992

About the report:

A study of the KJ. Law Model 8300 Roughness Surveyor was begun in 1985 to determine the feasibility of replacing Mays Meter roughness testing equipment with an easier to use and more repeatable alternative. The original schedule called for completion of the study in late 1986. However, the study was badly delayed because of equipment failures, long delays by the manufacturer when the equipment was returned for trouble shooting, and altered priorities placed on the research staff: Because of these altered priorities, the study was tabled for several years so that final testing was not completed until mid-1991. It was found that, with certain limitations, the Surveyor (sn 1372) is capable of correlation with other roughness testing equipment and of providing test results meeting the requirements ofHPMS Class II equipment. Among the major limitations are the following: (1) on coarse-textured surfaces, the device is highly sensitive to variations in testing speed, and (2) the device is highly sensitive to changes in ambient temperature. The author concludes that these limitations are too severe for the device to be used in any except very uncritical roughness testing.

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