Correlation of Air Void Parameters Obtained by Linear Traverse with Freeze-Thaw Durability

Report No: 83-R34

Published in 1983

About the report:

The correlations obtainable from comparisons of the various air void parameters with the freeze-thaw durability of concretes are listed. It is shown that correlations are no better when only small voids are used than when the total void content is used. It is concluded that for most concretes, (1) the void parameters required by ASTM C-457 produce sufficient information to delineate the character of the air void system, and (2) that parameters such as the specific surface fore small voids only and the spacing factor for the proportional number of small voids add no useful information when the demarcation between large and small voids is at 1 mm diameter expressed on the plane of examination. It is recommended (1) that any further research deal with the entire void distribution by using the chord length distributions, and (2) that the various kinds of concrete be tabulated separately.

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