Evaluation of the MacDonald Scabbler for Highway Use

Report No: 76-R22

Published in 1975

About the report:

The MacDonald Scabbler is a small, hand held machine suitable for use in cleaning and roughening concrete surfaces, It weighs 308 pounds (140 kg), has 11 cutting heads, and, as a power source, requires a compressor capable of delivering 365 cubic foot of air per minute (cfm) (10.33 m³/min.) at 100 psi (689.48 kPa). The machine was tested in four operations: bridge cleaning, removal of paint lines from bituminous pavement, removal of epoxy from a bridge deck, and the removal of paint lines from concrete pavement, The results were positive in all of the operations except the removal of paint lines from bituminous pavements. The weather was extremely hot when this operation was performed, and the pavement had become plastic to a degree that the bituminous material fouled the cutting heads of the machine. The machine is small and easy to transport, relatively inexpensive, simple to operate, can be operated by only one person, and is adaptable for many jobs. The machine will now be made available to any district that may need it.

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