Partial-Depth Precast Concrete Patching

Report No: 75-R13

Published in 1974

About the report:

Experiments were performed with partial-depth precast concrete patching to determine the feasibility of the method. In the experiments prefabricated slabs of various sizes, stockpiled near the pavement repair site were installed in machine cut holes in the pavement and cemented into place to make 68 patches. To determine the feasibility of using the cutting machines to prepare deteriorated areas for cast-in-place patches 22 such patches were installed. Two Klarcrete machines were used to prepare the holes for patching. In the precast patching operations 292.5 square feet (27.17m²) were installed in 88 working hours and in the cast-in-place operations 101.5 square feet (9.43m²) were installed in 26. 4 hours. Major conclusions from the experiments were (1) precast patching is feasible, and the machines used to cut the holes did a creditable job (2) additional projects in the 300-500 square feet (27.87 46.5m²) range are needed to develop a sophisticated methodology for increasing production and (3) it is desirable to have available a commercial domestic epoxy resin that will cure as rapidly a the imported product (30 minutes).

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