Design of Bituminous Surface Mixes With High Skid Resistance

Report No: 73-R31

Published in 1974

About the report:

The Virginia Highway Research Council has proposed a study of the skid resistance of bituminous surfaces incorporating relatively hard and expensive aggregates. The hardness of the aggregates to be used aluminum oxide (Exolon) and calcined kaolin -- is expected to contribute appreciably to the lasting skid resistance of the surfaces. Since these hard aggregates are expensive, this study was undertaken to explore the possibility of using them in the sprinkle method of resurfacing pavements, which requires less high-quality aggregate than does paving with conventionally designed mixes. Inasmuch as the entire study should cover a period of approximately two years, with the author being involved only in the first part, this report presents only the results of the preliminary work. Final results and evaluations will be reported by Council personnel when substantial data have been collected. In the preliminary work, small test beams were fabricated and implanted in newly resurfaced pavements. Periodic skid values are to be obtained with the British portable tester. The texturing of newly resurfaced pavements has also been proposed and attempted. A solvent was used in conjunction with normal traffic wear to produce a coarse surface and hopefully a high skid value.

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