Evaluating the Impact of Speed Safety Cameras in Interstate Work Zones

Project No: 125976

Target Completion Date: June 30, 2026 Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering

About the project:

This project aims to assess the effectiveness of Speed Safety Cameras (SSCs) within interstate work zones across Virginia, following legislation enacted in 2020 that supports the deployment of SSCs to automatically monitor vehicle speeds in designated areas such as work zones. This project focuses on five pilot work zones to evaluate the impact of SSCs on reducing traffic flow speeds, specifically examining changes in mean speed, speed distribution, and the proportion of vehicles exceeding the speed limit. This research will collect traffic data from all five pilot sites using traffic sensors strategically placed upstream, downstream, and at the SSCs to capture speed data before and after SSC installation. This setup aims to measure the immediate and sustained impacts of SSCs on speed compliance and to explore the spatial extent of these effects. Additionally, the project will gather data on traffic crashes and injuries to assess safety implications, although it may be challenging to achieve statistical significance. Parallel to quantitative analysis, this research will also facilitate a discussion with key stakeholders involved in the implementation of SSCs to gather operational insights and implementation challenges. Anticipated outcomes of this project include detailed analytical reports that offer insights into the specific conditions under which SSCs are most effective in reducing speeds. Additional outcomes may include optimal placement of SSCs or recommendations for future pilots to better understand the factors impacting SSC effectiveness.

Last updated: June 20, 2024

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