Concrete Mix Designs for Partial-Depth Link Slabs and Deck Extensions

Project No: 117438

Target Completion Date: August 31, 2024 Structures

About the project:

One of the main factors affecting the durability of bridge structures is the presence of joints in the deck. The inability of current joint systems to provide reliable, long-term, leak-proof performance leads to the infiltration of harmful solutions and to rapid deterioration of the ends of beams, bearings, and substructures, which require major maintenance efforts. To address this issue, the idea of using full-depth link slabs to eliminate existing deck joints has been investigated.  This joint type is expected to extend the service life of conventional bridges. However, these full-depth link slabs are often times not feasible on high-traffic bridges because of the length of time for construction. However, partial-depth link slabs are a possible alternate solution because they offer the advantages of shorter construction durations, thus minimizing traffic interruptions, and lower construction costs compared to full-depth link slabs. Regardless, link slabs require concrete with high early strength, flexibility, and durability for rapid installation and longevity.  In this study, concrete mixtures including fibers for flexibility and high tensile strength will be investigated and used in partial-depth link slabs.  The performance of the link slabs will be monitored for a period of at least one year.

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  • Mary Sharifi

Last updated: December 10, 2023

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