Use of Waste Shingles in Hot Mix Asphalt

Project No: 81452

Target Completion Date: March 17, 2008 Structures

About the project:

A special provision allowing the use of waste shingles in asphalt concrete was prepared in the late 1990's as a result of a recommendation of the "Recycled Materials in Highway Construction Advisory Committee".  The special provision allows shingle tear-offs or manufacturing waste to be incorporated into an asphalt mixture under specified conditions.  Since Virginia has no experience using shingle waste it was intended that the special provision would be used initially on limited production to gain experience and allow testing of the product when a request was made by a contractor to use shingles.  There should be an economic benefit since the shingles contain approximately 20 percent of asphalt binder, which is currently selling at a premium price.  A contractor recently submitted a request to the Virginia Department of Transportation to use shingles and this research study will document the installation of a field section, test the product, and evaluate early field performance.

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Last updated: July 5, 2023

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