Laboratory Investigation of Air-Void Systems Produced by Air-Entraining Admixtures in Fresh and Hard

Project No: 72807

Target Completion Date: March 21, 2006 Structures

About the project:

The entrainment of air in concrete is important for providing resistance to damage caused by freezing and thawing. The consequences of an inadequate air-void system are either poor durability or low strength. These systems are oridyced using air-entraining admixtures. The fundamental relationships that are used in controlling air systems during concrete production were developed over 50 years ago when a single class of chemical was used. Today, a wider variety of chemicals are available which are believed to produce different air systems thus changing the relationship between total air content and an adequate air void system. This study will examine the differences in materials currently used by VDOT and a new device that permits the determination of adequacy of the air void system in fresh concrete. This will lead to improved concrete specifications for VDOT.

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