Interstate 81 In-Place Pavement Recycling

Project No: 100837

Target Completion Date: August 15, 2014 Structures

About the project:

During 2011, VDOT will rehabilitate a 3.7-mile section of southbound Interstate 81 in Augusta County using three in-place pavement recycling techniques. The right-lane work consists of milling, full-depth reclamation of the 12-inch underlying foundation, and recycling using a paver-laid, cold-central-plant recycled (CCPR) asphalt mixture. The left-lane work consists of milling and cold in-place recycling (CIR). This is the first time the three methods will be used on a single project in the United States.

The CIR and CCPR mixtures will use foamed asphalt as the stabilizing agent. Both lanes will be overlaid with traditionally-used hot-mix asphalt. Test

The study will help VCTIR gain experience with the laboratory mix design and evaluation procedures for such recycling projects and also help VDOT implement these technologies. Lab and field testing will be used to set a baseline to assess future performance and populate a materials properties database using mechanistic testing procedures.

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