Implementation of Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

Project No: 82670

Target Completion Date: December 11, 2008 Pavements

About the project:

The project objective is to implement a full-width, full-depth prestressed concrete bridge deck panel system on bridges in Virginia. The deck panels may be used on new bridge construction or as a deck replacement system.  One of the bridges (or one segment of a long bridge) will employ longitudinal prestress and narrow joints, while the other bridge (or segment) will have wider cast-in-place concrete joints with no longitudinal prestress.  The construction of these two bridges (or segements) will allow a head-to-head comparison of the two systems in terms of construction time, live load performance and long term durability.  After some preliminary studies, the researchers will work with VDOT designers to develop the most promising panel-to-panel connection details for the system with and without longitudinal prestress.  Recommendations for the shear connector detail, the joint and haunch material, and the panel leveling system will be made based on the project currently underway.

Project Team

Project Monitor

Other Investigators

  • Carin Roberts-Wollmann, Tommy Cousins

Last updated: July 5, 2023

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