Development of an Integrated Quality Index for Accepting Hot Mix Asphalt Materials and Construction

Project No: 88260

Target Completion Date: June 14, 2010 Structures

About the project:

A previous research study developed a preliminary Statistical Quality Assurance Specification for acceptance of hot-mix and applied it to a set of construction projects through a “shadow” implementation effort; the results showed some changes and adjustments are needed. This new project, to be conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute for VCTIR, builds upon the previous study and represents a step forward in the journey toward implementating an end-result specification. The objectives are

(a) to explore the possibility of integrating all the inpidual quality indicators (and corresponding pay factors) into a single value that can be used to compute aggregated pay factors following the proposed Statistical Quality Assurance special provision and

(b) to investigate other quality parameters that could be added to the procedure.

Additional Project Number: 88261

Project Team

Project Monitor

Other Investigators

  • Gerardo Flintsch, Edgar de León Izeppi

Last updated: July 5, 2023

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