Comparison of the Performance of UHPC Bridge Deck Panels to FRP, Steel, & Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

Project No: 97314

Target Completion Date: June 30, 2014 Pavements

About the project:

Bridge decks are essential components of the national transportation infrastructure lifeline and represent a significant financial investment.  For many years, conventional cast-in-place reinforced concrete decks have been the technology of choice for these components even though their performance has been under continuous scrutiny.  Of particular concern is their short lifecycle (ranging from 35 to 40 years depending on location in the USA), which requires frequent overlays and/or replacement.  These repairs result in traffic disruption and a threat to public safety.  An evidence of this concern is the level of funding dedicated by federal and state agencies to seek alternative technologies to these conventional systems.  The objective of the proposed research is to compare the structural performance of UHPC bridge deck panels to the performance of FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) panels used for the IBRC 2005 project.

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  • Steven Chase, Carin Roberts-Wollmann

Last updated: July 5, 2023

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