A Management Plan for Cultural Resources in VDOT Rights-of-Way

Project No: 73233

Target Completion Date: April 30, 2007 Environment, Planning, and Economics

About the project:

Currently, there is no standard process for identifying, evaluating, and managing cultural resources (which are defined as sites, structures or objects of cultural and/or historical importance) within VDOT rights-of-way. Proper identification and management of such items allows VDOT to be a responsible steward of its cultural resources, and by extension, also allow streamlining of management and project planning. This project will (1) identify and describe the various types of cultural resources within VDOT rights-of-way, (2) identify and assess management issues pertaining to each type of resource (site, structure, or object), and (3) develop written guidelines for the identification, maintenance and management of the various types of cultural resources when they are encountered in VDOT rights-of-way. These guidelines will be written in a simple, concise format that can be used by staff members, contractors, and inspectors from local headquarters, residencies, and district and central offices alike. The guidelines will be applicable not only to historic (i.e., National Register eligible) resources, but to sites, structures, and objects of local importance.

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