A Bridge Structure with Lightweight High-Performance Concrete Bulb-T Beams

Project No: 73603

Target Completion Date: June 23, 2009 Structures

About the project:

Light-weight high-performance concrete (LWHPC) is expected to provide high strength and high durability. High durability leads to extended service lives. High compressive strengths can be used in beams to reduce the number of beams per span, reduce the cross section of beams, or achieve longer spans, leading to cost savings. The purpose of this research is to evaluate prestressed LWHPC Bulb T beams and deck in a bridge structure. The bridge is 5,354 ft long on Rte 33 over the Pamunkey River. The LWHPC spans total 2169 feet in length by 70.5 feet in width. The beams will be Bulb T shape and contain concrete with a 28-day minimum compressive strength of 55 MPa (8,000 psi), release strength of 39 MPa (5,600 psi). Three of the actual beams will be instrumented for long-term strain evaluation as well as internal concrete temperature monitoring.

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