Positive Guidance Pavement Markings for Dual Left-turn Lanes

Report No: 94-TAR7

Published in 1993

About the report:

As the capacity of signalized intersections are being reached, traffic engineers are being faced with dwindling financial resources and limited transportation systems management (TSM) techniques to increase their capacity. One TSM technique that has been successfully used in many states, including Virginia, is the installation of dual left turn lanes at intersections that experience high left-turn volumes. It has been shown that dual left-turn lanes operate at approximately 1.8 times the capacity of a single left-turn lane(l). Although this added capacity is very attractive to the engineer, other measures next to be considered in conjunction with implementing this technique. One such measure is the installation of positive guidance pavement markings (skip lines).The TED requested the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) to review VDOT's current practice on the subject and provide guidance on the installation of these markings.


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