Tenant Mobility and Adjustment Under the 1970 Uniform Relocation Act

Report No: 78-R38

Published in 1978

About the report:

On the basis of the results of a previous study, it was recommended that changes in either the provisions of the 1970 Uniform Relocation Act or the manner in which it was being implemented should be made in that portion of the Act dealing with owners rather than in the portion relating to tenants. However, that recommendation overlooked the fact that the procedure of paying relocation housing payments (RHPs) to tenants in a lump sum allowed for the possibility of circumvention of the intent of the law with respect to the use of RHPs for decent, safe, and sanitary (DSS) replacement housing. Concern over the rapid vacation of DSS housing after receipt of the lump sum rental payment was expressed by the participants in the 1977 Region III FHWA Right-of-Way Seminar in Dover, Delaware. The results presented, although case specific, provided evidence that the problem was not as severe as had been thought.

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Other Authors

Michael A. Perfater, Gary R. Allen, Ph.D.

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