Comparative Study of Procedures for the Analysis of Chloride in Hardened Concrete

Report No: 77-R7

Published in 1976

About the report:

In the widely used potentiometric titration procedure for the analysis of chloride in powdered hardened concrete samples, difficulties have often been encountered when determining the endpoint. These difficulties have been eliminated through the use of the Gran method of endpoint determination, which also simplifies the titrations and improves the overall precision of the procedure. Using test specimens, the accuracy of this improved potentiometric titration procedure was evaluated by comparison with the atomic absorption and neutron activation procedures developed for the same analysis. The comparison indicated that the improved potentiometric titration procedure is the simplest and most economical of the three, and possibly is the most accurate.

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  • G. G. Clemeña, John W. Reynolds, Randy McCormick

Last updated: January 28, 2024

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