Implementation of Nuclear Gage Moisture Standards

Report No: 77-R31

Published in 1976

About the report:

A prepared dry sand standard representing zero moisture content was found to yield nuclear moisture readings similar to those obtained on a magnesium density block. Therefore, the magnesium block was adopted in place of the sand standard for use as a zero moisture calibration standard. Magnesium sulfate was mixed with dry sand at two ratios to yield 9.0 lb./ft.3 (144 kg/m³) and 20.1 lb./ft.³ (322 kg/m³) moisture calibration standards. From an evaluation over several months, the standards were determined to be stable and suitable for use in calibrating nuclear gages. A computer program was incorporated into the nuclear gage calibration procedure to handle the input data from the new moisture standards. The input for this new program is considerably simpler than that used in the old calibration program. The output format was modified to facilitate nuclear gage moisture measurements.

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