Installation of Fog Guidance Lights on Afton Mountain

Report No: 77-R12

Published in 1976

About the report:

The Afton Mountain fog guidance system was installed between May 15, 1974, and March 15, 1976, at a total cost of $1,997,748. It covers a distance of 5.819 miles, and consists of 841 pavement inset lights spaced at 200 ft. intervals on tangent sections and at 100 ft. on curved sections on the main line and a short distance down the exit ramps at the Afton Interchange; a short section of 50 low elevation roadway lights on ramp 'AB' at the Afton Interchange; six fog detectors strategically located throughout the system; and a building to house the power and control apparatus for the system. All electrical wiring, whether control or power, is enclosed in conduit. The system comprises conduits buried along both edges of the road in each direction; 1,659 transformer housings located off the road shoulders below the surface set in concrete and in line with the conduit; 251 junction boxes; and 45 electrical splicing boxes. The system is divided into three contiguous sections, and is automatically controlled by fog detecting devices that turn the lights on and off and adjust the intensity of the lighting to the proper brightness for the density of fog.

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