Traffic Records Needs of the Highway Safety Division in Virginia

Report No: 76-R36

Published in 1976

About the report:

This study was conducted for the Highway Safety Division of Virginia in cooperation with the Traffic Records Information System Project initiated by the Governor's Secretary of Transportation and Public Safety, Wayne A. Whitham. The objective is the definition and description of the information requirements of the Highway Safety Division which may lead to the design and implementation of a State Traffic Records Information System fully meeting the needs of the Safety Division. Summary of findings: (1) Currently, the Commonwealth of Virginia cannot meet all of the traffic records requirements stipulated in Highway Safety Program Standard 4.4.10 Traffic Records. (2) Failure of the Commonwealth to implement a complete and comprehensive traffic records system as described in Highway Safety Standard 4.4.10 Traffic Records could result in an annual loss to Virginia of approximately $18 million in federal funds. (3) Individual record information is required by the Highway Safety Division for use in special studies to identify and evaluate the interaction of driver, vehicle, accident, and roadway information. (4) Summaries and tabulations of fundamental characteristics within the traffic safety environment are required by the Highway Safety Division. These fundamental characteristics are sought for the driver, vehicle, roadway, accident, emergency medical services, traffic law enforcement and adjudication, and driver education.

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