Sidewalk Undermining Studies: Phase I, Hydrology and Maintenance Studies

Report No: 75-R48

Published in 1975

About the report:

Studies of the maintenance and hydrology considerations involved in a sidewalk undermining problem in the Fairfax area are reported. Sidewalk undermining is attributed principally to a highly erodible soil found in much of the area and to the fact that current design standards and construction specifications are not adequate for sidewalk construction on such a soil. Recommendations of the study include: 1. The use of a sidewalk replacement technique wherein the subgrade soil is protected by polyethylene sheeting and infiltrated water is carried away by a subsurface drainage system. 2. A nomograph suggested for the determination of infiltration water and subdrainage requirements. 3. A suggestion to construct several test sections where sidewalk would be replaced on a densely graded base with a polyethylene or asphalt covering. 4. A suggestion to consider a slab removal and reuse technique.

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