Blended Aggregate Bituminous Mixes

Report No: 75-R39

Published in 1975

About the report:

Virginia has provided skid resistant pavements in the limestone area of the state by placing thin overlays of sand mixes incorporating local materials, by sprinkling highly skid resistant aggregates on limestone bituminous mixes prior to rolling, and by blending polish resistant aggregate with limestone. All of these methods have met with success, but the blended mixes have proven to be the most reliable and durable. To date the blended mixes have employed at least 45% of imported, polish resistant aggregate, which, of course, is the expensive portion of the mix. It is the feeling of the investigators that the quantity of polish resistant aggregate can be reduced, which would reduce the cost of the blended mixes. This report describes the installation of five experimental sections of bituminous mixes incorporating relatively small amounts of non-polishing aggregates with limestone screenings. These sections are located in the Staunton and Bristol Districts as described in the report. It is hoped that these mix types will retain an adequate skid value so as to provide an economical alternative to 100% non-polishing and sprinkle mixes.

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Other Authors

David C. Mahone, Charles S. Hughes, P.E.

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