Recidivism Rates as a Measure of the Effectiveness of the Rehabilitation and Treatment Countermeasure of the Fairfax, Virginia, ASAP, 1972

Report No: 73-R14

Published in 1973

About the report:

The rehabilitation countermeasure of the Fairfax, Virginia, ASAP is concerned primarily with four modes of treatment: (1) the Fairfax Driver Improvement Schools, (2) the Community Alcohol Center Clinic of the Division of Alcohol Services, (3) the Fairfax Mental Health Center, and (4) the Fairfax Alcoholism Continuing Evaluation. These programs are run under separate management, and each is designed to serve a specific purpose and treat a specific type of drinking problem. This report is concerned with the effectiveness of the programs as indicated by the recidivism rates of the participants. In the analysis made, data were organized by quarter according to (1) when rehabilitation began, and (2) when a participant was first arrested. A true annual rate of recidivism, adjusted for time available for rearrest, was calculated and found to be adequate for the evaluation. No definite conclusions could be drawn because adequate control groups were not established. However, future studies are recommended using 1972 data as a baseline for comparison.

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