An Evaluation of the Shirley Highway Express-Bus-on-Freeway Demonstration Project

Report No: 72-R29

Published in 1973

About the report:

The Shirley Highway Express-Bus-on-Freeway Demonstration Project was initiated to test the hypothesis that the provision of rapid and convenient bus service over an exclusive lane would attract significant numbers of automobile passengers. Such a diversion would improve the passenger movement and relieve the congestion of the facility, thus resulting in an improved level of service for all travelers. This study was an evaluation of the project, and the main objectives were to: 1. Review the effects of the bus system on bus patronage .and automobile travel. 2. Determine the reduction in the number of automobiles on the Shirley Highway due to the diversion of commuters from automobiles to buses. 3. Use the reduction in the number of automobiles to compare the present level of service being provided to the commuters utilizing the conventional traffic lanes to the hypothetical level of service assuming the bus system was not operational. In approaching these objectives, the study identified and evaluated such parameters as travel times, passenger and vehicular volumes, commuter profiles, and occupancy rates. Speed-volume-capacity relationships were used in the quality of service analysis. The evaluation revealed a large increase in bus patronage and a reduction In automobiles and congestion on the Shirley Highway. The existing facility was providing acceptable service, while the demand on the hypothetical roadway exceeded the capacity.

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  • R. N. Robertson

Last updated: February 8, 2024

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