Fog: A Review of the Literature Pertaining to Highway Problems and Possible Solutions

Report No: 72-R2

Published in 1972

About the report:

1. Fogs are significant contributors to multiple car accidents that often result in fatalities. 2. Systems that adequately abate fogs or lighting systems that provide minimum visibility requirements have not evolved. 3. Most abatement techniques stem directly from methods used at airports. It is well to use methods already developed but the roadway requirements are different from runway requirements. For airports, a clear swath is needed from the surface up to several hundred feet while highway needs are for a vertical distance of approximately 3 feet. It is very improbable that a lighting system can be designed that will produce a visibility level equal to the before fog condition. 4. Lighting manufacturers are interested in mass producing their products and have done little research in fog lighting. Consequently, any lighting system for fog will have to be designed by the organization requiring it with very little information for guidance. Fog abatement techniques have not progressed to the point that they are feasible for highway usage. Some of the fog seeding methods appear to hold promise for the future, especially the ground seeding techniques; however, more sophisticated equipment will have to be developed than is available at this time. 7. A combination low level lighting system and lineal guidance system will improve visibility and, potentially, driver control.

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