An Evaluation of Two Bridge Deck Overlay Systems on the Rte. 85 Bridges Over the Roanoke River

Report No: 71-R11

Published in 1971

About the report:

Because of exposed reinforcing steel in some areas of the decks, the interstate route 85 bridges over the Roanoke River were treated with overlays in August 1969. In order to evaluate two different materials on a comparative basis, the Department of Highways decided to apply a Guardkote 250 (epoxy) mortarmix overlay to the SBL deck, and a latex (DOW SM-100) modified Portland cement overlay to the NBL deck. By memorandum to Mr. W. S. G. Britton dated August 1, 1969, the Maintenance Division requested that the Research Council review and evaluate the overlay treatments periodically. In accordance with this request, inspections have been conducted on a semiannual basis, and on other occasions, by the Structures Section of the Research Council.

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