A Theory of Driver Motivation: The Results of Structured Group Interviews with Civic and Service Club Groups: Traffic Safety Views of Older Drivers

Report No: 70-R461

Published in 1971

About the report:

Although there were divisions in opinions pertaining to many matters in highway safety, there was a general consensus over the following items: (1) Personal automobiles are the most convenient form of transportation. While there are other modes of mobility, they only delay the inevitable function of an individual operating a motor vehicle to reach his destination. (2) Radar and speed measurement devices served as a great restriction on their speed. (3) Speed, inattention, and alcohol were the factors most often mentioned as contributing to accidents. (4) The driver's attitude plays a significant role in traffic accidents. A bad temper, self-centeredness, competitiveness, and discourtesy all contribute to highway crashes. (5) Adults were equipment-material oriented in their approach to accident prevention. The most vociferous demands were for the elimination of three-lane roads. (6) Those interviewed clearly were in favor of driver education. (7) Attitudes of young people would be improved with the inclusion of driver education in the high school program.

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