Autogenous Accelerated Curing of Concrete Cylinders

Report No: 70-R24

Published in 1971

About the report:

Forty-eight different concrete mixes were designed to investigate the influence of cement types (II, III, and V), cement contents (450, 550, and 650 lb. per cu. yd.), water-cement ratios (0.4, 0.5, and 0.6), admixtures (accelerator, retarder, and air entraining agent), and initial mixture temperatures (50°F, 70°F, and 90°F) on the strengths of autogenous accelerated cured concrete cylinders. A total of 940 cylinders were made incorporating autogenously cured cylinders, 28-day, 91-day, and 1 year moist cured cylinders, and autogenously cured cylinders instrumented for moisture and temperature measurements. The project involved routine testing for slump, unit weight, air content, time of set, and compressive strengths. Additional measurements of moisture movement and temperature development were made. The project also encompassed the design and fabrication of the autogenous curing containers and the AC ohmmeter used in moisture measurements. The report lists fourteen observations and conclusions along with recommendations for further research.

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