Autogenous Accelerated Curing of Concrete Cylinders

Report No: 70-R23

Published in 1970

About the report:

Through a literature study, approximately fifty methods of measuring moisture were investigated to ascertain a suitable method for use in measuring moisture changes in 6 inch by 12-inch concrete cylinders cured by the autogenous accelerated curing method. The resistance method was selected and the Bouyoucos moisture gage was evaluated in the laboratory to determine its limitations and capabilities. Operation and calibration procedures were developed, and the moisture gages used in the autogenous accelerated curing study were grouped and calibrated in a statistically defensible manner. Correction factors for the influence of salt ions and temperature were also developed. Results of this study led to the following conclusions: 1. Of the various methods described in the literature, the Bouyoucos moisture gage was judged to be a satisfactory method of measuring moisture in the concrete cylinders subjected to autogenous curing. 2. The influence of salt ions and temperature on the moisture gage resistance can be measured and the necessary correction factors applied to the results.

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  • Larry M. Cook

Last updated: February 12, 2024

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