Corrugated Metal Pipe Culvert Invert Repair Using Engineered Cementitious Composite

Report No: 21-R5

Published in 2020

About the report:

Corrugated metal pipe culverts undergo deterioration mainly in the invert because of corrosion and abrasion.  This study investigated invert paving using engineered cementitious composite (ECC) in thicknesses of 1 in or less above the crests of the corrugations in corrugated metal pipe made of galvanized steel.  Such a thickness is not expected to have a large adverse effect on water flow characteristics.  ECC contains short polyvinyl alcohol fibers and exhibits strain and deflection hardening under load.  This behavior enables very tight numerous cracks that prevent the transport of solutions that would initiate or accelerate the deterioration of the culvert. 

Initially, in the laboratory, ECC was made in small batches with locally available materials and regular concretes and was developed and placed in culvert samples that had biaxial geogrids attached.  Then, ECC was used in the field to pave the invert of deteriorated culverts and along the side where water rises most of the time.  Biaxial geogrids were used to reinforce the thin ECC and to keep the concrete from sliding along the sides.  ECC was truck mixed and sprayed using a trailer pump and shotcrete nozzle.  It was found that ECC can be used to repair the inverts of deteriorated culverts successfully.  An efficient mixer is needed to disperse the fibers for improved strength and ductility. The study recommends that ECC be considered for cost-effective repairs of the inverts of deteriorated culverts.

Disclaimer Statement:The contents of this report reflect the views of the author(s), who is responsible for the facts and the accuracy of the data presented herein. The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views or policies of the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Commonwealth Transportation Board, or the Federal Highway Administration. This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. Any inclusion of manufacturer names, trade names, or trademarks is for identification purposes only and is not to be considered an endorsement.

Last updated: November 9, 2023

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