Implementation of the Rock Slope Management Project at the Virginia Department of Transportation

Report No: 06-R23

Published in 2006

About the report:

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is currently developing an asset management system, identifying various transportation assets for inclusion in the system. Rock slopes along Virginia's highways can be viewed as assets that need to be managed proactively in order to maintain a safe and effective transportation network. The benefits of rock slope management are expected to be similar to those derived from bridge and pavement management systems, including inventory, condition, and estimate of maintenance needs. An established rock slope management tool designed to facilitate proactive management of rock slopes is available by way of the Rockfall Hazard Rating System (RHRS), initially developed for the Federal Highway Administration by the Oregon Department of Transportation. The purpose of the RHRS is to allow agencies to prioritize rock slopes for remediation based on a risk assessment and to facilitate the allocation of funds for needed remediation. VDOT adopted a modified version of the RHRS, which could serve an important role in a comprehensive rockfall management program. Core elements of such a program, including technical training and setup of a GIS database, were implemented in this study to assist VDOT in identifying potentially hazardous rock slopes and establishing funding priorities for mitigation projects.

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Last updated: November 27, 2023

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