Virginia Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (CIP V)

Project No: 80768

Target Completion Date: April 4, 2007 Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering

About the project:

This proposed project describes a two part research effort: Part I--Enhancing resilience of critical transportation infrastructures for major catastrophes (six months), and Part II--Integrating resilience, protection, and security of critical transportation infrastructures for risk management of major catastrophes (schedule to be determined). The proposed effort will demonstrate how to cost-effectively reduce the consequences of an important class of catastrophic events via application of risk management policies that both protect and improve the resilience of Virginia's critical infrastructures including transportation. 

Project Team

Project Manager

Other Investigators

  • Yacov Haimes, Barry Horowitz, James Lambert, Joost Santos

Last updated: July 5, 2023

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