Sampling Issues in Wireless Location Technology-based Traffic Monitoring Systems

Project No: 76464

Target Completion Date: January 11, 2007 Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering

About the project:

The study will determine how wireless location technology (WLT)-based traffic monitoring systems can be improved to enable them to obtain more accurate traffic data than inductive loop detectors and previously developed WLT systems. This technology is conceptually appealing, but additional research can confirm whether it is a practical means for collecting traffic data. VDOT has been involved in two previous deployments of WLT that did not generate the quality of traffic data needed for operational purposes. The Research Council is completing a project that examines the potential effectiveness of WLT-based systems by looking at system design impacts. That research demonstrated the feasibility of the WLT-based systems, but found some major shortcomings in the approaches used in past deployments. The next phase of research will provide a screening tool that VDOT can use to ensure that any WLT system deployed will produce accurate traffic condition data.

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