Review of VDOT's Traffic-Data Plan for Pavement Design

Project No: 92722

Target Completion Date: November 30, 2011 Safety, Operations, and Traffic Engineering

About the project:

In 2003, VTRC and VDOT developed a plan to collect traffic and truck-axle weight data to support the AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide, or MEPDG (A Traffic Data Plan for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Designs, VTRC 04-R3). This new study proposes to thoroughly review VDOT’s traffic-data plan for the MEPDG and revise it as needed.  The review will assess the data obtained from DMV sites and the appropriateness of the truck-weight groups and compile information on truck-travel patterns and characteristics. 

The study will also seek to answer the following questions:

1) Are current weigh-in-motion sites properly located? 
2) Is a regional factor needed? 
3) If so, is there adequate regional coverage to determine a regional factor? 
4) Should unique truck-loading situations, such as coal loading in VDOT’s Bristol District, be part of the plan? 

The improved traffic-data plan will help VDOT implement the MEPDG and improve pavement designs.

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